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...that’s New Zealand. Stretching through the South Pacific. 1600 km from the northernmost point to the extreme south. From a sub-tropical to a moderate climate zone. An island world of multiple land formations, as different from each other as is the stretch from Iceland via the central Alps to southern Italy.

Over 4 million New Zealanders live on both islands that, together (270.000 km2), are smaller than the Federal Repulic of Germany (358.000 km2).

A paradise for humans and animals

In New Zealand, seaside vacations are possible from December to April and winter sports from July to September. The sun shines 2,000 hours a year and it’s green in Summer like it is in Winter. New Zealanders don’t suffer from air pollution, acid rain or polluted rivers; it’s a real paradise for humans and animals.

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Prime Meat. Handelsgesellschaft mbH - Neuseeland

Half way round the world

New Zealand is to the southeast of Australia and can be reached in two flight hours from Sydney. In contrast, the flight from Europe to New Zealand means half a world trip: you need more than 24 hours for the 20,000 km long distance. It is therefore no wonder that the fast, modern cargo ships, frequently sailing between Hamburg and Wellington – the capital of New Zealand, arrive after five weeks, at the earliest.

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